The Josh Giddey Controversy Exemplifies the NBA’s Ongoing Misogyny Issue

The 2023 NBA All-Star Game will include an accused sex offender alongside superstar players, but a player’s alleged child abuse goes unpunished. Former player Karl Malone, accused of impregnating a 13-year-old, has never publicly addressed the allegations. His inactions perpetuate a culture of disregard for minors. Current player Josh Giddey stands accused of statutory rape, but current and former coaches have little to say. In the face of predatory actions, no action will be taken. The NBA has consistently refused to address domestic violence and sexual assault within its ranks. Pro sports leagues, like the NBA, convey a subtle message that interpersonal violence is not a significant issue when they fail to address allegations, or worse, offer support to those facing accusations. This unwillingness to address blatant violations of the law sets a dangerous precedent for fans and players alike. It is especially alarming given the silence of prominent NBA figures like LeBron James, who has thrown support behind accused predators like Deshaun Watson. What message is being sent to young fans when allegations of abuse are repeatedly ignored in professional sports? The NBA must meaningfully address ongoing allegations of violence against women.