The King of Return: Honoring Devin Hester’s Hall of Fame Induction

Throughout football season, and for a month afterwards, I have to read all the other staff’s comments about the Bears. None of them are local and most of it’s incorrect. Even if it’s correct, who gives them the right? Everyone’s got an opinion but no one earned the right to mock this franchise like I have (and maybe Julie). They just want to kick us while we’re down to score some points. Let the rest of the Bears fans who have endured the lows exult in the good memories.

Devin Hester was all we had to watch for a long time. His rookie year was a highlight, just ask any Bears fan about that game against the Cardinals, they’ll cackle with delight because the Bears were awful that night but still won. Hester is the only person to do something so cool in a Super Bowl, on the opening kickoff, that they canceled the rest of the game. No kick returner should be able to win games by himself, and yet Hester did. Hester took something mundane and made it appointment TV. That’s enough to go to Canton.

And the rest of the staff here can kiss my ass. STAY OUT OF BEARS BUSINESS!

Bucci was reacting to Brenden Dillon facing suspension for a hit aimed at Noel Acciari’s head, an exact type of hit the NHL wants out of the game. He aimed for the kill shot and followed through. ESPN can do better to find someone to be the voice of the game.

Ivory Coast may complete the most bonkers tournament ever by winning the AFCON as a possibly the worst team to win a major soccer tournament. They fired their manager after the group stage. And yet they’ll play the final on home soil against Nigeria. Sometimes it be like that.