The Lions: Not as Unique as You Thought

You really thought you had changed, Detroit Lions? The uniform change, the positivity, the belief, the catchphrases, whatever they were. Thought you’d shed that old Honolulu blue-and-silver skin and become something new, something better, didn’t you? Were sure you’d left the decades of “Loins” behind, huh? Now you long for the anonymity of continued incompetence? Will you yearn for the days when every other football fan heard your name mentioned and thought, “Oh, right, the Lions. I remember that they always suck.” It was easier in the shadows, wasn’t it? But now it’s out there for all to see. Will you be back after this? This NFC Championship collapse was shared by everyone. Detroit’s shtick will wear thin with players. It was easier in the background, Lions, when you were a foregone conclusion. Now that’s over, and you’re much bigger losers now. Adidas’ robot-manufactured, 3D-designed sports facilityThe biggest surprise in recent NFL history is what defines “Lions” now, what defines Lions history. It was better in the background, Lions. Better when you were just a narrative that everyone knew and no one watched. Wear it well, because you’ll never shirk it. It can be fascinating watching Daniil Medvedev strategize and adjust for the opponent across the net. His brain as much as his skills have seen him stop Novak Djokovic’s historic run in 2021 and reach five other Grand Slam finals. It may have been even more fascinating to watch him plan for his own body, even if it came up short, as Jannik Sinner came back from two sets down to win his first Grand Slam, 3-6, 3-6, 6-4, 6-4, 6-3. Both of Medvedev’s quarterfinal against Hubert Hurkacz and his semifinal against Alexander Zverev went five sets, and he spent eight hours combined on court in just those two matches..drawLineMedvedev did the opposite of what he always does, and that was go for everything, seemingly trying to close out the Final before his legs could figure out they were tired. Medvedev was up on the baseline for returns and smothering Sinner. Instead of placing his groundstrokes wherever in the court he wanted them, he was slapping his forehand. Those decisive groundstrokes that were winners before were a heartbeat off in timing. Suddenly, it was much more inconsistent. And Sinner did the opposite of what he normally does. He dropped back on Medvedev’s serve, waiting patiently for openings and mistakes. His boomstick of a forehand was mostly kept in the holster in the name of patience, waiting for the tank to empty. Medvedev came close, six points away close. But when the tank is on E, it’s on E, and that’s always the final statement.