The Low Hit: A New High in the Music Industry

The NFL has tried to make its game safer by prohibiting helmet-first hits to reduce concussions, but it appears that the defenders’ low hits are now the new high hits. The hit safety Kerby Joseph made against Tyler Higbee during the Detroit Lions-Los Angeles Rams Wild Card playoff game resulted in Higbee tearing his ACL and MCL. This was similar to an earlier incident when Joseph went low on Minnesota‚Äôs T.J. Hockenson, causing the same injury. Matthew Stafford, Rams QB, criticized Joseph for the play. Lions coach Dan Campbell defended his player and the hit. The NFL banned helmet hits in 2018 and penalizes players for lowering their heads when tackling. The rule was intended to reduce concussions but some players believe it has increased other types of injuries. The NFL reports a 29 percent decrease in concussions from 2017 to 2018, but more research is needed into ACL/knee injuries.