The Mahomes Effect: How Patrick Mahomes has turned Kansas City into the NFL’s pop culture capital

The dominant National Football League urban areas have been in New York, Dallas, San Francisco, Boston, Miami, and Washington, along with the six New England states. Pittsburgh had an unusual period of success in the 1970s. However, the NFL’s focus has not typically been on cities with smaller media markets, such as Kansas City. The presence of a highly regarded player, Patrick Mahomes, has helped elevate Kansas City to a higher level of notoriety. The intense athleticism and talent of Mahomes is compared to that of recently retired Tom Brady. Their sports achievements highlighted in their own unique ways. Kansas City has become a prominent location due to the performances of Mahomes and Travis Kelce, resulting in an ever-increasing cultural impact. Despite the possibility of inflated egos and distractions, the Chiefs’ attention and influence continue to grow. The Kansas City airport could be filled with private airplanes on game days next season, as fans from all over come to see the team, making it the NFL’s marquee franchise of the decade.