The Miami Marlins’ praise for new asst. GM Gabe Kapler falls on deaf ears

In October, we found out that baseball veteran Kim Ng resigned from her GM role with the Marlins because they wanted to hire a president of baseball operations to oversee her work. The Marlins’ move to bring in a higher authority after Ng led the team to an improved record of 84-78 and an NL Wild Card berth felt unfair at best, and downright discriminatory at worst. Now, the Marlins have taken it a step further by hiring former Giants’ manager Gabe Kapler as an “assistant GM,” even though they don’t currently have a GM due to the situation with Ng. Kapler had some success in San Francisco, but his time with the Dodgers has come under scrutiny. He was aware of troubling incidents involving Dodgers’ minor leaguers at a hotel, but did not report them to the organization or the police. Furthermore, during his time as director of player development, he handled allegations of sexual assault in a way that was widely criticized, and even admitted that he did not handle the situation correctly. The Marlins’ decision to bring in Kapler is puzzling, and suggests that they did not properly research or consider the implications of his past actions. Overall, this move reflects poorly on the Marlins.