The New York Islanders’ Unconventional Approach

The Islanders Hired Patrick Roy as Coach and That’s Not Going to Fix Anything

The Islanders dismissed Lane Lambert and hired Patrick Roy to be their new coach. But given Roy’s disastrous tenure in Colorado and the Islanders’ continued reliance on outdated hockey strategies, it’s unlikely that Roy will be able to turn things around for the team.

Ever since the Islanders hired Lou Lamoriello as the GM, the team has been stuck in a cycle of underwhelming performances. Despite a few fluky playoff appearances, the Islanders have struggled to play effective hockey and have been heavily reliant on their goaltending and Mathew Barzal’s offensive talents to scrape by.

The Islanders have consistently failed to adapt to the modern style of hockey, and their management’s refusal to acknowledge the changing nature of the game has left the team floundering. Roy’s appointment as coach is unlikely to bring about the necessary changes, especially given his volatile nature and lack of experience coaching professional players.

Ultimately, the Islanders’ decision to hire Roy reflects their broader inability to keep up with the evolving landscape of the NHL. Unless the team makes significant changes to their approach, their struggles are likely to continue.