The NFL’s Financial Incentive to Bring Taylor Swift to the Super Bowl

The NFL is in bed with the left, Taylor Swift, and President Joe Biden. Donald Trump’s army of morons clearly haven’t been paying attention. The only reason the league would prefer T-Swift and her beau make the Super Bowl is money. Fox and NBC along with CBS and ESPN, milked this immersion of IP like Disney+ did the Marvel catalog. The playoffs were rigged. Roger Goodell and his cabal of extremely conservative owners are currently being sued for discriminatory hiring practices. If you want to see how the most powerful people in the league lean, Google “NFL owners donate to Donald Trump”. The NFL would show a snuff film at halftime of the Super Bowl if Goodell thought it’d generate revenue. The same people who openly jeered their star QB for standing up to racism are now letting Taylor Swift hold their babies. The only conspiracy at work here is how MAGA lovers are so easily brainwashed.