The NFL’s Oversight: Ignoring the Success of All 4 Black Playoff Coaches

The NFL has not highlighted an important storyline heading into the postseason. It is not clear why, but it might be due to legal reasons. All four of the league’s Black head coaches will be on the sidelines this weekend, but it seems the teams hope that is overlooked. DeMeco Ryans, Mike Tomlin, Todd Bowles and Mike McDaniel make up an eighth of the NFL’s total head coaches, but nearly a third of its playoff skippers. Tomlin continued his streak of above .500 football despite a QB room full of backups. Ryans is a strong candidate for Coach of the Year, making the playoffs in his first year on the job with a Rookie (of the Year) quarterback. McDaniel has Miami in the playoffs in consecutive seasons, and Bowles replaced Tom Brady with Baker Mayfield and won the division. It is also noted that there are currently eight head coach vacancies in the NFL, which is possible that nearly a third of the league will be in the market for a head coach. This article calls on people to rail on the league and its owners for this coaching carousel of certified losers.