The One Team Edmonton Can’t Seem to Beat

Apologies to the Vancouver Canucks, but no one should apologize to the Canucks. While they are leading the Pacific Division, other teams in that division measure themselves against the Vegas Golden Knights. The Knights hold the hardware and have been a big obstacle for most teams. The Edmonton Oilers, especially, still seem to be haunted by their loss to the Knights in the playoffs last year. The Oilers had a 16-game win streak going into their recent game against the Knights, adding spice to the matchup. Unfortunately for the Oilers, they lost the game in similar fashion to the way they lost last spring. The game was closely contested, with the Oilers even outshooting the Knights. However, the Knights were able to win by shrinking the ice and preventing the Oilers from making plays or passes. The Knights effectively trapped the Oilers in their zone, preventing them from creating scoring opportunities. The Oilers will need to come up with a different strategy when facing the Knights in the playoffs, as they can’t rely on individual performance to win games. They will have to work as a team and fight for space in order to succeed against a strong opponent like the Knights.