The Ownership Crisis in Sports

In sporting events, there remains an issue of owner misbehavior that needs to be addressed. Carolina Panthers’ owner David Tepper recently displayed unacceptable behavior, but the reality is that this is not an isolated incident. His behavior, including throwing the backwash of his cocktail onto fans, exemplifies a larger trend of billionaire owners acting like destructive teenagers. This problem is not unique to Tepper, but includes others such as Michael Bidwell, Daniel Snyder, and Robert Kraft, to name a few.

Unfortunately, there is no easy solution to this problem. These owners, including Tepper, seem to be more concerned with their own fame and success than the well-being of their teams and fans. And while there may be a slim chance of any real consequences for their actions, it seems that they will continue to operate with impunity.

This pattern of behavior is not surprising, given the nature of these owners’ immense wealth and power. Their sense of entitlement and disregard for others is evident, as demonstrated by Tepper’s recent actions. It is a disappointing reality that these are the individuals who now wield considerable influence over the sporting institutions that we all love.

Ultimately, it seems that these owners will continue to act with impunity, and fans will be left to wonder what, if anything, will hold them accountable.