The PGA Tour-LIV Drama: A Plot Straight out of Succession

The past week in golf has been filled with dramatic stories of failed coups, back alley deals with private equity firms, an all-consuming power broker, and merger negotiations on par with the drama of a popular television show. The PGA and LIV Golf merge has introduced a host of issues, including players attempting to retain control and compete over a pool of money set aside for loyal golfers. The Saudis, who are trying to make strategic moves in the negotiations, recently lured Jon Rahm with a rumored half-billion-dollar deal. Patrick Cantlay, at the center of the chaos, has reportedly tried to hijack the negotiations, and is failing at a rate that would send TV character Kendall Roy on a bender. With a deadline looming, the question remains whether the deal will get done, or if more drama lies ahead.