The Potential Impact of Rex Ryan’s Move to Dallas: Either Genius or Disaster

Washington’s Dan Quinn’s departure leaves a major defensive coordinator vacancy in Dallas, attracting several candidates, including ESPN analyst, Rex Ryan. Now Ryan is in discussions with Jerry Jones regarding the vacancy. If hired, the move could yield great results for current coach Mike McCarthy or spell his end in Big D.

Ryan, known for his eccentric personality and his past as a successful defensive play caller, is being considered over the more traditional choice of Mike Zimmer. Despite the controversies surrounding Ryan’s recent head coaching roles, the Cowboys are potentially willing to take the risk.

However, hiring Ryan brings uncertainty surrounding McCarthy’s future, given Ryan’s appeal to players and his potential to overshadow McCarthy’s position. The potential hire mirrors previous rumors of Quinn replacing McCarthy, suggesting that Ryan’s hiring would make for an interesting reality television storyline.

Ultimately, if Ryan is hired, it could either lead to success for McCarthy or spell disaster for the Cowboys, but it would undoubtedly make for an entertaining outcome.