The Potential Return of Russell Wilson to Denver: A Winning Option?

Russell Wilson’s initial time in Denver was a tumultuous rollercoaster ride. Despite struggling in his first season, his second season showed improvement on the field even though there was friction with Sean Payton. Although it may seem like they are nearing the end of their time together, another year might be the best move for both of them. Payton benched Wilson late in the season, leading to speculations about the quarterback’s future with the team. Despite this, the Broncos should carefully consider their options before moving on from Wilson. He improved in several areas from his first season with the team, and while his stats were not outstanding, the team won more games with him on the field. Wilson’s cap hit for the 2024 season is $35.4 million, and his dead cap number is $85 million, making it difficult for the team to move on from him. Ultimately, moving on from Wilson could put the team in a risky position, as finding a suitable replacement may not be easy. Despite his limitations, Wilson is still a better option than many others available to the Broncos.