The Potential Reunion: Eric Bieniemy’s Return to the Chiefs

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady may no longer be together, but they remain forever tied together in the minds of sports fans, just like Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson. Similarly, the Kansas City Chiefs and Eric Bieniemy, despite their recent breakup, seem destined for a quick reunion.

Although there are rumors about Bieniemy possibly returning to Kansas City, it’s uncertain whether Washington will promote him to head coach and replace Ron Rivera. Kansas City finished the regular season 11-6, a so-called “down” year, which begs the question of whether Bieniemy might return to the fold.

After the Chiefs won their second Super Bowl, Bieniemy’s decision to leave made sense, as he sought to establish himself as an independent coach. However, it’s puzzling that he hasn’t been given a head coaching opportunity despite his success as an offensive coordinator. Some reports suggest that players in Washington had issues with Bieniemy’s coaching methods, raising further questions about his suitability for a head coaching position.

Regardless of these concerns, the idea of Bieniemy rejoining the Chiefs seems fitting after his underwhelming stint in Washington. However, if the Commanders offer him the head coaching position, he may have no choice but to accept it. Given the Chiefs’ offensive struggles, there is growing speculation about the potential for Bieniemy’s return to Kansas City, especially if the team performs poorly in the playoffs. Regardless of the outcome, the connection between Bieniemy and the Chiefs remains strong.