The Rise and Fall of David Carr’s Opinion on Jalen Hurts

The viral point made by David Carr on NFL Network’s “Total Access” was an interesting one. Carr stated that he does not believe Jalen Hurts should continue to play with his knee injury, as it is impacting his mobility and, consequently, the effectiveness of the Philadelphia Eagles’ offense. However, given the importance of determining the No. 1 seed in the NFC playoffs, it is unlikely that starting quarterback Hurts will be sidelined. The Eagles have already secured 10 wins this season and are destined for the playoffs, making homefield advantage less crucial. The key will be to get Hurts fully healthy for postseason play, as a healthy Hurts would greatly increase the Eagles’ chances of winning the Super Bowl. Carr’s argument, while valid, went too far when he criticized Hurts’ comfort as a passer and suggested that the Eagles’ backup QB, Marcus Mariotta, would be a better option. Ultimately, Carr’s point had merit, but his execution was off the mark. Hurts is still a better choice than Mariota as long as he is physically capable of playing.