The Risks of Adding an 18th Game to the NFL Draft Top Pick Selection Process

Professional athletes play to gain money and win games, and combining an extra “playoff game,” where the winning team receives the top overall pick in the draft, is not a viable strategy to push athletes to play harder. It would be illogical to add a game to the NFL postseason where the outcome is the prize of the No. 1 overall pick in the draft. Even the proposal shared by DraftKings Xwitter account about the possibility of the worst two teams playing for the top draft pick before Wild Card Weekend does not make sense. Losing for an extended period is already demoralizing and causing players to engage in an extra game to secure a top draft pick is not a rewarding concept. Obtaining the top pick in the draft undoubtedly has major benefits for the fans and management, but players do not benefit from winning a fake playoff game. A team that has performed poorly enough to have one of the top records in the league will undergo several changes in the offseason. Why would a player risk injury and perform to the best of his ability just so his team can more easily replace him in the upcoming months? It is clear that adding another game to a grueling 17-week NFL season in exchange for the No. 1 overall pick in the draft is not a sensible idea and will likely not be implemented by a professional sports league.