The St. Louis Cardinals are Building the Weakest Starting Rotation in the MLB

The 2023 season for the St. Louis Cardinals was a complete disaster. Despite being the NL Central favorites, they lost 91 games due to numerous issues. Their starting rotation was a major problem, with pitchers who couldn’t strike anyone out, were ineffective, and had trouble with control. As they entered the offseason, it was clear that they needed to address these issues.

However, their offseason moves have been questioned. While big-name pitchers like Aaron Nola, Blake Snell, and Sonny Gray are available, the Cardinals have opted to sign Lance Lynn and Kyle Gibson, neither of whom have had recent success. Critics have questioned the decision to sign these pitchers and suggested that the Cardinals should reconsider their strategy.

The article then shifts to international soccer, highlighting a chaotic match between Argentina and Brazil. The game was marred by fan violence, player aggression, and a high number of fouls. Argentina ultimately won, becoming the first team to beat Brazil in Brazil during World Cup qualifying.

The article also mentions other notable matchups, including Canada’s loss to Jamaica and controversial penalty calls in a game between Mexico and Honduras.

Overall, the offseason moves by the Cardinals and the chaotic soccer matches have raised eyebrows and sparked discussions among fans and analysts.