The Top New NFL Head Coaching Hires Ranked

The youngest head coach in the league, Mike Macdonald, has proven to be a strong hire. After leaving Michigan in 2021, where he led the defense to an eighth-place ranking in the country, Macdonald joined the Baltimore Ravens. In just two years, he helped the Ravens improve from 28th in defensive DVOA to first in 2023. Macdonald’s expertise in attacking Shanahan offenses has been particularly valuable, as Baltimore’s defense effectively disrupted the 49ers, Dolphins, and Texans, all of which run offenses based on the Shanahan system. Despite not having the same level of defensive talent as the Ravens, the Seahawks have consistently invested in defensive players, providing Macdonald with a strong core to work with. This hire marks a significant shift for the Seahawks, transitioning from 72-year-old Pete Carroll to Macdonald, the youngest head coach in the league. This move positions Seattle to establish a long-term foundation at the head coaching position if Macdonald’s tenure is successful.