The Tua Tagovailoa Dilemma: Miami Faces a Tough Decision After Standout Season

Miami represents Heat Culture, cryptocurrency, and crash diets, all of which have become cult phenomenons here. A new addition to South Beach’s cult favorites is Tua Tagavailoa, the Dolphins quarterback, who has gained a massive following as the prominent figurehead of Tuanon. When the Tuanon founder passed away, Tagovailoa even donated $10,000 to his family’s GoFundMe.

Many cults require their followers to overlook inaccuracies and pain, promising a future payoff, praising their leaders as infallible. Tuanon follows a similar pattern, believing Tagovailoa will resurrect the Dolphins. I’ve defended Tagovailoa to anyone who would listen for the past two years, arguing that he has what it takes to lead the team.

Despite my defense, the goal posts have shifted in the last two years while Tuanon has remained resolute in their defense. However, Tagovailoa’s performance at the game in the fourth coldest environment for an NFL match indicated otherwise. He struggled under pressure, resembling Jared Goff. In contrast, Justin Herbert, whom Tagovailoa is often compared to, has shown more potential.

Tagovailoa is a viable answer to lead a physical offense but struggles in Mike McDaniel’s system. The disillusionment with his performance in Miami is setting in, and it seems that he might not be the long-term answer for the Dolphins. Nonetheless, leaving a cult, especially when it is linked to a sports team, is the most challenging part.