The Uncertain Future of Draymond Green in Golden State

Draymond Green is not going to be part of Team USA at the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. Green has a history of suspensions and that played a part in the decision. According to Team USA managing director Grant Hill, Green’s career is at a critical stage and they want to support him by not having him play over the summer. This was going to be Green’s last chance to play in the Olympics, as he will be 34 in March. Green’s behavior, both on and off the court, has finally come back to haunt him. He more than likely will be retired from professional basketball by the time of the next Olympics. “The player empowerment movement” really gained steam once Adam Silver took over as NBA Commissioner, players got more and more comfortable which may have led to issues such as Green’s incidents. Sterling was banned and forced to sell his NBA team with the arrival of Silver. It always felt like Silver wanted stars to accept him as more than just the league official. Different regimes and eras will never be exactly the same, but Silver went to the other end of the spectrum from Stern. Stern’s “tough love” style may have nipped the Draymond issue in the bud. Most of Green’s indiscretions have happened on the court. Sure, he had the social media incident where a private photo of his was “leaked” or the time he was arrested in Michigan for allegedly punching a guy. Again, he doesn’t get a pass for those incidents, but for the most part, Green’s foolishness has been within the confines of an NBA arena. The Golden State Warriors may soon move on from Green, as they might find it hard to turn a blind eye to his behavior, especially with him hitting his mid-30s.