The Unconventional Artistry of Pat McAfee

Is McAfee Acting Out a Grand Social Experiment?Only Jets fans assumed Aaron Rodgers was coming back

A week after Pat McAfee embarrassingly failed in his quest to “CHECK!” the renowned anti-vaxxer and conspiracy theorist Aaron Rodgers, Rodgers abruptly announced that “Aaron Rodgers Tuesdays” were done for the year. However, the very next day, he was back on McAfee’s show. This prompted questions in my mind about whether McAfee is conducting a grandiose experiment to gauge societal tolerance or to test ESPN’s limit before getting removed from the air. Alternatively, McAfee’s actions may reflect on how far public discourse in America has deteriorated.

If you missed McAfee’s MLK Day address, let me summarize it. Having McAfee on air during MLK Day was probably ESPN’s initial mistake as the content was never going to make America proud. McAfee, however, significantly took everyone by surprise with his perspective on racial equality. Here is what he said:
“Obviously, it’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day. He had a dream. And I think LANK was one of the closest we’ve had to potentially that dream coming to fruition.”This statement was a reference to an incident when McAfee thought a colleague was about to say the n-word on national television. Then he continued by saying, 
“And there’s an election about to take place [this] year where we need to remember that we are more close than we have ever been.”
McAfee even equated two political parties canceling him with what Martin Luther King faced in his life, which is distasteful and even possibly racist.

McAfee has also expressed incorrect views about the political divide in the U.S., which is misleading as studies have shown that America is as divided as ever. Despite these false claims, McAfee continues to project an inaccurate narrative and push misinformation, yet ESPN gives him an unrestrained platform to do so.

It is evident that McAfee’s show incites meaningful reaction and many reasonable individuals have been marginalized due to the preference for hosts who cater to a certain demographic. This has discouraged intelligent and professional voices from contributing to the sports industry, which is discouraging and unacceptable. It seems McAfee’s show is privileged and defended due to his personal appeal and demographic targeting.

It is unsettling that ESPN values McAfee’s content over other insightful, informative programs that drive productive discourse. This reflects poorly on the network, and viewers should take personal offense to these decisions.