The Uniqueness of Bernardo Silva Shines Through Once Again

I have a responsibility as a Liverpool fan to complain about early kickoffs on Saturdays for TV. We all agreed on this and it’s final. There wasn’t much the Premier League could do about the clash between Liverpool and Man City this past Saturday as it was ruled out on Sunday by Manchester police. The clash was eventually scheduled for a 12:30 time slot. However, this decision did not favor Liverpool as some of their key players had very little time to prepare due to international travel. On the other hand, the game ended in a 1-1 draw, which wasn’t very surprising. After this game, all attention turned to Everton’s match on Sunday at Goodison Park, which was their first game after getting docked 10 points. They were certainly disappointed to lose to Tottenham in such a manner. Later, Chelsea played a lackluster match against Newcastle, which ended in a draw. Crystal Palace lost to Luton at home, raising questions about their status as a Premier League club. Lastly, Aston Villa’s game against Spurs was open and could have ended with a different score. Nevertheless, Aston Villa played in a serious and strong manner.