The Washington Commanders: The NFL’s Most Intriguing Offseason Story

The Washington Commanders are under new ownership and management, with the hiring of a new coach and quarterback anticipated. Fans eagerly sought the removal of Dan Snyder, but now that it’s happened, they may be unsure what to do next. The team faces numerous important decisions in the coming months as they essentially start from scratch. The first path forward is to hire a reputable GM and let them build the roster and coaching staff. Adam Peters has been hired as the new GM, and the team may be considering young offensive coordinators for coaching positions. Another option is to repeat past mistakes by hiring a retread coach and drafting a new quarterback. The team now has the opportunity to hit the reset button following Snyder’s departure, and they have a fresh start with enthusiastic fans. The team also has a high draft pick, putting them in an interesting position. The expectations are for the new ownership and management to surpass the low bar set by previous leadership and bring the team to a new standard.