The Washington Commanders: Untangling the Dan Snyder-Era Turmoil

Josh Harris’ inaugural season as the Washington Commanders’ owner may feel like a rough night shift at WacArnold’s for Calvin. Initially, owning a legacy franchise seemed like a career-defining opportunity, but after comparing them to the league’s most respected franchises, it’s clear he inherited a fast-food tier mess from Dan Snyder.

Meanwhile, Jerry Jones’ Dallas Cowboys are experiencing considerable success in the NFL, showcasing top talent on both sides of the ball. In contrast, Washington’s roster feels stale and unimpressive. The fans have realized that their support for the team was misguided.

This season has been a disappointment for Washington on multiple fronts, including the disappointing performance of the team’s quarterback and coaching staff. The team’s high expectations have crumbled, and they now possess the worst-scoring defense in the league.

Washington’s mishandled drafts and poor performance on the field are contributing to their current struggles. As a result, it’s clear that a complete overhaul is needed, with a new coaching staff and a fresh attitude.

The team’s star rookie quarterback, Sam Howell, has shown promise on the field, but his performance is being hampered by the team’s weak offensive line.

In comparison, the Cowboys are thriving, with offensive stars like Ceedee Lamb and Dak Prescott leading the charge. Even if their seasons don’t always go as planned, at least they are competitive, which is more than can be said for the struggling Washington team.

Overall, it’s clear that significant changes are needed for the Commanders to improve and become a more competitive team in the league.