Timberwolves Displaying Utah Jazz-esque No. 1 Seed Potential

The Minnesota Timberwolves, as next to the OKC Thunder, is one of the biggest surprises in the NBA campaign. The team has been in control of or hovering near first place in the Western Conference for much of the season. However, Clippers star Paul George recently crossed up Anthony Edwards, sending the young player to the canvas. This may be foreshadowing for the Timberwolves come playoff time. They are likely to be bounced unceremoniously early from postseason contention.

The Timberwolves feel very similar to the Utah Jazz from 2021, who had the best record in the Association but were eliminated early in the playoffs. Anthony Edwards is the best player in Minnesota and has the most upside, while Karl-Anthony Towns is a good player but focuses too much on three-point shooting. Similarly, Rudy Gobert is a great rim protector but struggles in the postseason.

The Timberwolves may face the Mavs, Kings, Lakers, or Warriors in the first round of the playoffs, and any of these teams could potentially defeat them. If they advance, they could face the Nuggets or Suns, both of whom would present tough matchups for Minnesota. The Timberwolves lack a player that strikes fear into opponents in a seven-game series, similar to the Jazz in 2021.

Overall, the Timberwolves are a good team, but they may struggle in the playoffs due to their lack of a dominant player.