Time for the Golden State Warriors to Move On from the Past and Consider Letting Go of Klay Thompson

The NBA season is now a three-part campaign that includes the NBA Cup, which features teams determining the NBA’s 100-meter champion. It’s fitting that this season’s finale whittled down to the league’s fastest team and the oldest player. The rest of the season ratchets up the pressure, favors fresh legs, and basketball IQ. LeBron James’ NBA Cup title should serve as an example for Golden State. A year ago, the Lakers were refried beans until some tinkering around the edges propelled them into the Conference Finals, showcasing the shrewd brilliance of James. He consistently moves on to greener pastures and propels his team forward. Golden State likewise needs to let go of the past. They need to consider phasing out of their Big three era. The jury is still out on Andrew Wiggins and they need to abandon the Thompson-Green lineup, as currently constituted, they are not NBA championship contenders. If Thompson isn’t willing to take a pay cut to accommodate his current reality, he’ll be wearing a different uniform by next season. Golden State is facing a regression that they must accept and confront, as the scythe is coming for them, whether they like it or not.