Trailblazer: A Conversation with the NFL’s First Woman and Openly Gay Coach on Her Time with the 49ers and Chiefs

Katie Sowers was on the 49ers coaching staff when they were in the Super Bowl last. She joined the Chiefs the following year. Players coached by Sowers from those squads, including Patrick Mahomes and George Kittle, will be playing in the rematch. Sowers is from Kansas City. Where does her allegiance lie for the upcoming Super Bowl? That’s a hard decision. “I want the Chiefs to win, and I want the Niners to win,” Sowers said. “As crazy as that sounds. Honestly, I am torn. I don’t really think I’ll know who I am cheering for until the game begins. Honestly. Living in Kansas City, I’ve seen the amazing things that a winning team does. But take me back four years ago, that pain of losing to the Chiefs, who I thought was the enemy at that time, it’s really a strange feeling to see this matchup again and almost be brought back to some of those feelings that you had.” The previous Super Bowl was a historic moment for Sowers as she became the first openly gay and first female coach in the history of the Big Game. “At times, it felt like a movie,” Sowers said. “It wasn’t only a dream to be there because we were playing a team so close to my heart in the Kansas City Chiefs, but it really was a dream come true. Being in that atmosphere in Miami and walking out of the tunnel hearing a lot of fans screaming for me, a low-level coach, to feel that type of support was unreal.” Sowers enjoyed playing football as a child and then moved on to playing professionally. After an injury, she got into coaching and worked her way up to the NFL. She is now coaching women at Ottawa University in Kansas. According to Sowers, her current role is helping football grow more than ever before.