Tyrese Haliburton’s Creative Assist: Pacers Guard Throws Ball Off the Glass

The NBA Trick Shot Trend may be Jumping the Shark
An NBA player who utilizes a backboard trick shot to dish a wide-open three-point assist, like Halliburton did during the Indiana Pacers’ game versus the New York Knicks, making it resemble a weak imitation of McGrady’s classic All-Star game move.

Featuring Halliburton’s improvisation resulting in an assist akin to a jazz player deviating from sheet music for the first time. And the fan reaction remains strong, even as the degree of difficulty appears to be lessening.

Indiana’s 125-111 victory in New York was fueled by the use of the off-the-backboard move, that would otherwise be considered traveling.

The NBA has prioritized promoting the popular move with viral videos, much to the benefit of the organization.

Still, this strategy veers off the course of true basketball. Unlike in NBA Street Vol. 2, where special moves affect the score, these unique moves do not add juice to the special meter.

Finally, the originality of Steph Curry shines through with an unscripted game-winning shot against the Suns.