Unconventional Choice: LA Angels’ Hiring of Ron Washington Raises Eyebrows

The Los Angeles Angels’ hiring of Ron Washington speaks to a pattern of short-term thinking under Art Moreno, who officially purchased the franchise in 2003. The Angels, who were the defending champions at the time of the purchase, are now struggling with a weak farm system and an underperforming roster. Washington’s arrival as the new manager, while a dream come true for him, seems like an odd fit. He expressed his intentions to improve the Angels’ trajectory during a press conference, but the reality is that the team is many years away from making a significant impact. The Angels’ recent history does not point towards a quick turnaround. The decision to hire the 71-year-old Washington, given his controversial past and the team’s constantly changing managerial positions, is perplexing. It’s unclear whether the Angels are making the right moves to improve their fortunes.