Unconventional Timing: Exploring the UFL Schedule Release during Super Bowl Week

The official announcement of the UFL, a merger of the XFL and USFL, was intended to expand pro football and create new opportunities for players with a dream to play. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, a league partner, expressed excitement for the new league. However, announcing the schedule for the upcoming 2024 season during Super Bowl week may not have been the wisest decision. The league’s president/CEO, Russ Brandon, highlighted the exceptional platforms for fans to experience spring football. The UFL’s 43-game schedule was released on Super Bowl Monday, the same day as Roger Goodell’s annual press conference. The UFL will feature teams such as the Birmingham Stallions, Arlington Renegades, and Houston Roughnecks, with games broadcast on major networks. The XFL had previously set itself apart by having diversity among its head coaches, and the merger aims to grow and expand the game. However, competing for attention during the Super Bowl week may have detracted from the league’s future success.