Underdog Rises: Challenging the Vegas Sports Juggernaut

A Nevada teacher’s union opposes using $380 million in public funds for the new Las Vegas A’s stadium and is suing to stop it. After June of 2023, Nevada lawmakers approved a bill to allocate $380 million of taxpayer money to the A’s proposed stadium, which was supported with the help of lobbyists. However, the Nevada State Education Association has filed a lawsuit claiming the funding bill is unconstitutional and that the funding bills should be voted on by the public, not just lawmakers. In 2016, Nevada approved $750 million in public funds for the Raiders’ Allegiant Stadium, and the state currently ranks low in educational quality and funding. Despite this, public funding for stadiums continues while cuts to education spending persist. Economist Andrew Zimbalist has shown that stadiums do not bring the anticipated returns on investment for communities. Given the challenges faced by teachers in recent years, it is unfair that they should have to lead the fight for better use of public funds, particularly when it comes to educating Nevada’s children.