Unleashing the NFL Karen: Endless Grievances over Missed Chiefs Holding Calls

The post-Super Bowl commiserating is a sign that the seasons are changing. In the days after the Super Bowl, the NBA’s All-Star Weekend must be right around the corner. Finally, we’ll have a major event where officials just hold their whistles and everyone accepts the final score without a round of bellyaching. Alas, every stinkin’ year, a loud minority of fans moonlighting as keyboard zebras examine frames in search of non-calls that could have changed the result. Every football Karen’s Super Bowl fetish is for officials to make themselves household names For a large contingent of that population though, yellow laundry on the field is an aphrodisiac. The average fan doesn’t want to ruin this gladiator sport by seeking additional input from refs. Be careful what you ask for, though. The rest of us will be stuck with an unwatchable viewing experience. Anyone who wants a sport officiated to the bone by A.I., will just lead us all to suffering through a stream of offsetting flags bogging down every possession until the officials’ penalty discretion setting is adjusted.