Unprecedented Excellence: The NBA All-Star Game Shines Brighter Than Ever

Welcome to Deadspin’s The Sports Nihilist, where all is for naught, and we are but accidental jolts of electrified meat stuck to the surface of a rock in an indifferent universe sc-77igqf-0 fnnahv There have been as many takedowns of NBA All-Star Weekend as there were points in the All-Star Game sc-77igqf-0 fnnahv What’s not to like? sc-77igqf-0 fnnahv This was essentially a Harlem Globetrotters showcase but both teams had a handshake deal to play Washington Generals (Wizards?) level defense sc-77igqf-0 fnnahv The game literally does not matter sc-77igqf-0 fnnahv No amount of money will motivate a bunch of entrepreneurs to jeopardize their main revenue stream, so NBA players valuing their careers over a fake game tracks sc-77igqf-0 fnnahv “And to the Eastern Conference All-Stars, you scored the most points,” Silver said during the trophy ceremony sc-77igqf-0 fnnahv Death by a million sc-77igqf-0 fnnahv hell incorporate the Dunk and Three-Point contests during the game. I mean that’s the only way you’ll get All-Stars in the dunk contest sc-77igqf-0 fnnahv They already let guys dunk and shoot unimpeded, so why should the game itself be any different? F*cking hypocrites, man sc-77igqf-0 fnnahv Get rid of the clock and go 350. You want to shoot practice jumpers? It’s not over until one team makes 100 threes, and 25 dunks. Give Karl-Anthony Towns a real shot to break Wilt Chamberlain’s single-game scoring mark AT ALL-STAR WEEKEND. You know that’s the destiny he always wanted