Unprecedented Start to the NFL’s ‘Inspire Change’ Weeks

The Los Angeles Chargers and Las Vegas Raiders face off Thursday night to determine their ranking in the AFC West Al Michaels and Kirk Herbstreit will likely discuss the NFL’s prime focus of the next two weeks — “diversity.” Yes, you read that right. Week 15 and 16 will showcase the league’s “commitment” to “social justice,” despite their attempts to dismiss racial discrimination/retaliation lawsuit, Jim Trotter, and the fact that Brian Flores’ case is headed to trial. The New York and California Attorneys General investigation into the NFL due to allegations of racial and sexual harassment and age bias is also pending. “For the third consecutive year, the NFL and its 32 clubs will highlight its commitment to social justice during the regular season through game-day stadium activations and awareness. Inspire Change, the league’s year-round social justice initiative, will come to life on the field through Weeks 15 and 16, integrating in-stadium elements as well as video content during game broadcasts that highlight the impactful social justice work done by NFL players, clubs, the league office, and social justice grant partners to break down barriers to opportunity and end systemic racism,” reads the statement from the league. The NFL Family has contributed more than $300 million to empower more than 650 local non-profits, 1,950 player and Legend matching grants, and 40 national grant partners to drive change. Expect to see goalpost wraps, banners, sideline branding, helmet stickers, and Inspire Change branded towels to go along with the usual “It Takes All of Us” and “End Racism” end zone slogans. The “Inspire Change Changemakers” have been announced and will receive $10,000 donations from the league to the non-profit of their choice. Nonetheless, does anybody know about any of this? And most importantly, and sadly, do NFL fans — and America — still care? Earlier this year, the NFL announced its Diversity in Sports Medicine Pipeline Initiative, but like how the “Inspire Change” movement has lost some of its steam over the past years, it wasn’t publicized or promoted. The NFL appears to be America’s most popular sports league yet its biggest diversity program is taking place and no one seems to care.