Unprecedented: The Super Bowl Triumphs over Obstacles, Deep State Included

The Super Bowl recently retained its status as an unofficial American holiday, despite being exposed as a rigged arm of the deep state and a psy-ops campaign. In the game, Kansas City won over San Francisco. The game was bigger than ever, with Ludacris and Lil Jon joining Usher for the halftime show, and Reba McEntyre singing the Star Spangled Banner.

There were many bizarre occurrences during the game. Both quarterbacks had exactly 123 yards at halftime, but the Chiefs ended up winning with a 25-22 victory over San Francisco. There were far-right commentators and political circles that speculated that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship may have rigged the outcome of the Super Bowl. Trump also posted on social media about this topic prior to the game.

It is clear that the NFL’s influence is far-reaching. Commercials during the game sold for $7 million, second only to the network’s 2018 game. Luxury boxes for the Super Bowl went for $1 million and up. CBS sold 30-second spots for $7 million. However, the NFL cannot rig the actual games to suit any interests.

The article concludes by humorously looking forward to Super Bowl 59 in Roswell and suggesting that it’s time to let the aliens pick a winner!