Unpredictable Winners: The Wild Ride of the Australian Open 2022

The Australian Open is kind of innovative for us, and this year’s format has been extraordinary, making it more worthwhile for fans. The tournament has already seen a record number of match-deciding tiebreakers. Even Novak Djokovic was dragged into a four-hour match in his first round and then in the second round was challenging a fan to fight him on court. The tournament really took off on Wednesday/Thursday. Elena Rybakina and Anna Blinkova played the longest match-tiebreak in history, and eventually survived by the tune of a 22-20 score in the tiebreak to send the No. 3 seed home. Danil Medvedev also won his match at around 3:45 AM local time. It was nearly lunchtime on the East Coast when Medvedev claimed match point. Mirra Andreeva also performed exceptionally well, highlighting her talent despite her young age. It was certainly worth trading in some sleep for. Additionally, the World Cup Final in two years looks like it’s headed for Jerry World. The problem is that Jerry World has no public transportation to it, which will come as a huge shock to fans. Lastly, Owen Tippett capping off an ass-waxing of the Stars by the Flyers last night.