Vince McMahon implicated in disturbing sex-trafficking lawsuit

(Warning: This story contains graphic details that might be disturbing to some.)

A new lawsuit filed by Janel Grant, a former WWE employee, accuses Vince McMahon, former WWE exec John Laurinaitis, and WWE of horrific acts of sex trafficking and assault. If anyone thought there was no way McMahon could appear more reptilian than he did a year ago, reading this lawsuit will prove that to be true folly. Grant was the epicenter of the revelation last year of the millions of dollars McMahon had paid out to multiple women as “hush money” for the inappropriate relationships he’d allegedly had within WWE for years and years.

The details of the lawsuit are as repulsive as can be and tell the story of a powerful man taking advantage of a vulnerable, young woman to an unbelievable degree, if the story weren’t so familiar. The suit lays out how Grant was in the midst of grieving the loss of her parents and desperate for work after being their caregiver when she was introduced to McMahon, who immediately began to prey on her. McMahon promised her employment in return for a physical relationship, the suit alleges, and all kinds of dangling of promised promotions and bonuses while demanding Grant keep their relationship quiet to protect McMahon. He allegedly made multiple threats against her should she not comply.

The suit veers from what was previously known about McMahon when it comes to the alleged sex trafficking. The new suit claims that McMahon pressured or forced Grant to have a sexual relationship with John Laurinitis, McMahon’s long-time head of Talent Relations at WWE. It also details McMahon and Laurinitis allegedly sexually assaulting Grant in the WWE office during work hours, as well as an instance of McMahon defecating on her during a threesome.

The suit also details McMahon sharing pictures and videos he had taken of Grant during their relationship — in essence, revenge porn — without Grant’s consent. That includes McMahon demanding Grant take photos and videos of herself for Brock Lesnar, and being used as an incentive for Lesnar to re-sign with the company, the suit claims. Lesnar is also accused of demanding videos of Grant urinating and a planned encounter, though he is not named as a defendant in the suit.

WWE is named in the suit due to what is alleged to be a sham investigation of McMahon when his hush money scandal came to light and


It is also alleged within the suit that WWE leaked Grant’s name to the press in a further attempt to intimidate her.

Somehow, these people are always worse than you think, no matter what kind of pond scum you think them to be.