Virginia’s State Senate Rejects Plan for Wizards and Capitals Arena

The pro sport stadium/arena swindle has been ongoing for awhile, but history wasn’t able to save Ted Leonsis’ plan for a new Virginia arena for the Capitals and Wizards. State and local governments usually give in to publicly funded arenas or stadiums despite studies proving their lack of public benefit. No politicians want a team to leave during their watch and public opinion plays a big role in these decisions. Leonsis wants to build his arena campus to maximize real estate deals. The Virginia Senate essentially killed the bill for funding the project. The A’s move to Vegas isn’t in trouble because of governments changing their ways, but it does shed light on the scam that is stadium deals. Virginia was the first to push back on their plans. Leonsis will likely keep trying. DC’s mayor is considering funding for Capital One Arena renovations even though it’s less than 30 years old, and the character of Chinatown has already undergone significant change. A’s move to Vegas may be salvaged by John Fisher. Victor Wembanyama shows amazing numbers for a basketball player.