Wander Franco’s Potential Unlocks Ken Rosenthal’s Minority Report Moment

Kyle Schwarber made history in MLB by achieving something that has only been done 11 other times. Ronsethal’s column uses the meager analogy of a player’s performance issues to compare it to the heinous crimes of sexual abuse, which is highly inappropriate and offensive. The idea that young players should not be signed to contract extensions due to the possibility of criminal behavior is cynical, and it would be an absurd notion for teams to engage in such a practice. The article criticizes the Tampa Bay Rays for standing to lose financially if a player like Franco is unable to play, however, the concern should be focused solely on the allegations against him. The piece also inappropriately links Franco’s situation to unrelated issues experienced by other players. Rosenthal’s conclusion suggesting that teams should exercise more caution in awarding contracts to young players is misguided and could potentially harm players who are innocent. This approach only serves the interests of team owners and is disrespectful to the players involved.