Why Some See Steve Kerr’s Ref Complaints as Sour Grapes

Not everyone seems to be as “disgusted” with NBA officiating as Golden State head coach Steve Kerr.

Kerr lambasted the refs after the Warriors lost to the Nuggets on Christmas in a game where Denver’s Nikola Jokic made his way to the free throw line 18 times.

But at least one former NBAer wasn’t having it.

“Yes, it’s boring. Yes, it’s not fun to watch, but this just seems like frustration,” Chandler Parsons said of all the free throws on the podcast Run It Back, before taking a jab at Kerr. “Worry about Jamal Murray getting 28 on you, not the other guy getting 18 free throws if you want to beat them.”

Parsons, who spent nine seasons between the Rockets, Mavericks, Grizzlies and Hawks, was not the only one to take Kerr to task. On ESPN’s First Take, resident blowhard Kendrick Perkins bashed Kerr, saying that there have been a few comments of Kerr’s in recent history that have made his “damn skin crawl.”

Kerr, who has never been shy about speaking his mind on issues surrounding the league — and who has been among the most respected coaches in the league — seemed to be more upset with the flopping that caused the foul calls, as opposed to the foul calls themselves.

“I have a problem with how we are legislating the defense out of the game,” Kerr said postgame. “We are enabling players to B.S. their way to the foul line. If I were a fan, I wouldn’t have wanted to watch the second half of that game. It was disgusting. It was just baiting refs into calls, but the refs have to make those calls … the players are really smart in this league. For the last decade, they’ve gotten smarter and smarter. We have enabled the players, and they are taking full advantage.”

“It’s a parade to the free throw line, and it’s disgusting to watch,” Kerr said.