Why the NBA should follow Canada’s lead when it comes to Hornets’ Miles Bridges

Charlotte Hornets Organization Should Be Denied Entry by Canada
LaMelo Ball, Brandon Miller, Steve Clifford, Hugo the Hornet, and the rest of the Charlotte Hornets should have been refused entry into Canada. They should have flown to the next city that would allow Miles Bridges to play basketball. There is no clear reason why Bridges was denied entry into Canada, but there is speculation that it is related to his legal trouble. Bridges was suspended for the first 10 games of the season for his legal issues. He was involved in an incident where he allegedly threw billiard balls at a woman’s vehicle during a custody exchange.

The Hornets’ performance has been lackluster, with a 7-18 record overall and 4-11 since Bridges returned from suspension. Both Bridges and Ball’s statistics have been underwhelming. Ball’s performance has declined since last season, and the team appears to be enabling his negative behavior.

The recent incident involving Bridges has added to the embarrassment of the team. The Hornets were once considered a promising team in the league, but their recent performance has been disappointing. The Hornets are compared unfavorably to the Detroit Pistons, who have a 23-game losing streak but can still travel to Toronto with a full roster.

Despite the team’s struggles, Charlotte’s No. 2 overall pick Brandon Miller has shown promise when given the opportunity. However, his potential is overshadowed by the team’s poor performance and the ongoing legal issues surrounding other players.

The article concludes with criticisms of the team’s coach, Steve Clifford, and the high salaries of players such as Terry Rozier and Gordon Hayward. The article questions whether the team’s acquisition of Bridges at a discounted price, due to his legal issues, has been worthwhile. Overall, the Charlotte Hornets’ performance and off-court issues have raised concerns and criticisms.