WNBA’s Age Policy Hinders College Stars’ Path to Professional Basketball

The WNBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement prevents the league from having players like Paige Bueckers and JuJu Watkins, who are crushing the college basketball scene. Bueckers made history at UConn before injuries interrupted her momentum, and now Watkins, a 6’2″ freshman at USC, is putting up video-game numbers and just dropped 51 points on Stanford. However, due to age restrictions and the requirement to earn a college degree or wait four years after high school, these players won’t be WNBA-eligible any time soon. While talks about changing these rules have surfaced during the recent CBA negotiations, the priority hasn’t been high enough to swing the doors open for these college stars. As a result, the WNBA is missing out on drafting numerous players that could stir up more interest for the league and bolster competitive balance. Despite that, fans can still catch Watkins and her incredible scoring ability in college, where she will continue playing until she’s eligible to take her talent to the pros.