WWE Wrestler Ashley Massaro Reveals Vince McMahon’s Predatory Behavior

Accusations Against WWE Are Piling Up

VICE NEWS recently obtained a previously unpublished statement by former wrestler Ashley Massaro, providing more evidence of allegations against Vince McMahon and the WWE. This statement claims that McMahon preyed on female wrestlers and deliberately ended Massaro’s career because she rejected his sexual advances.

The statement was collected as part of a 2018 lawsuit filed by lawyers representing Massaro and dozens of other WWE wrestlers seeking damages related to brain injuries sustained during wrestling. However, the statement was ultimately cut from the final affidavit as it was not closely related to the lawsuit focused on concussions.

According to the lawyers, Massaro was very detailed and thorough in her statement. She discussed McMahon’s inappropriate behavior, including making out with other female wrestlers in the locker room, repeatedly calling her late at night, and sabotaging her career with negative promos after she refused his advances.

Massaro recalled an incident where McMahon attempted to get her alone in his hotel room, which made her extremely uncomfortable. She brought the issue to the attention of WWE employee Michael Hayes, who confirmed that McMahon was intentionally trying to ruin her career.

Furthermore, McMahon was accused of covering up Massaro’s alleged rape at a Kuwait military base in a civil sex trafficking lawsuit. However, these allegations were never fully investigated due to the lack of evidence.

As of now, McMahon and other WWE representatives have not provided any comments or responses to these serious allegations.