WWE’s Response to Vince McMahon Sex-Assault Suit Is Appalling and Embarrassing

Wrestling press conferences are something of a farce and they are equivalent to asking the cast of Game of Thrones to meet the press right after a season finale. There is some media members who are happy to play along with the characters and stories of wrestling in these settings, but there are also some who are actually trying to get answers behind the curtain, which only adds to the murky status that all wrestling lives in. When it comes time for wrestling executives, like Paul Levesque or Tony Khan, to answer actual questions or provide actual info, the farcade is supposed to drop. The wrestling press conference after Saturday’s Royal Rumble was one such moment. Instead of addressing the lawsuit against Vince McMahon by Janel Grant, Levesque discussed the new TV deal with Netflix and WWE’s booming ratings and attendance. His responses were mealy-mouthed and could allow for the abuse of employees in the company, which led to the lawsuit in the first place. This kind of dismissive and incomplete attitude is exactly what allows someone to be heavily abused in the company.